Research, Design, and Expert Witness Consulting in the Semiconductor and Computer-System Industries

Memory Systems offers the following services:

Memory Systems LLC brings leading design experience and legal experience to the table. The company is run by Kathleen Smiley, a former trial lawyer of 15 years, and its technical expert is Bruce Jacob, the world's foremost academic expert on memory-systems design and architecture.

Jacob's research group has developed the world's most accurate and modular memory-system design framework, which represents over thirty man-years of work and is currently in wide use in both industry and academia. Companies that pay significant attention to memory-systems performance seek his group's advice, hire his students, and use his software to design their systems.

Design wins:

  • Did all of the cycle-accurate performance modeling of Hybrid Memory Cube for Micron during the product's design phase
  • Designed the DDR memory controller for Cray's Black Widow memory system

Jacob holds a patent on memory-systems design, patents on electric circuit construction, and several design patents as well. He and his research group currently design memory systems for industry and for the Department of Energy's next-generation supercomputers. See Design & Consulting for more details.

Jacob has served as an expert witness in patent litigation, has been deposed, and has testified in court. He has served on the side of the plaintiff as well as on the side of the defendant and is comfortable in both roles. See Patent Litigation for more details.